Zeke's Pad 14歲的少年扎克的冒險搞笑故事26集

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Zeke's Pad is an animated TV show and is a Canada–Australia co-production between Bardel Entertainment, Flying Bark Productions, and Leaping Lizard Productions in association with Seven Network and YTV. The show was produced with the participation of The Canadian Television Fund, The Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC, The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, The Shaw Rocket Fund, The Independent Production Fund, Cogeco Program Development Fund, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, and British Columbia Film. It has aired on YTV in Canada and on Nickelodeon in the United States on Saturdays at 7pm. It is about the adventures of a 14-year-old skateboarder and artist named Zeke who owns a magic electronic pad that brings life to anything he draws on it.Synopsis
Zeke Palmer is an imaginative artist and skateboarder who lives with a weird and wacky family. His Pad is an amazing electronic gadget that is a mobile phone, PDA, GPS, MP3 player and a drawing tablet all rolled into one. Zeke's pad has a unique glitch: anything he draws comes to life. Being a creative artist that he is, Zeke is constantly drawing and making his drawings come to life. But he learns that for every action there is a reaction, and things don't turn out the way he imagines.
Broadcast history[edit]
Before its Canadian premiere on YTV and its American premiere on Nickelodeon, the show had been broadcast more than a dozen countries: Australia (Seven Network), Germany (ZDF), France on (Canal+ Familie), Poland (ZigZap), India and Sri Lanka (Sun TV), Spain (Televiso de Catalunya), Latin America (Cartoon Network) and the Middle East (Spacetoon). Zeke's Pad was nominated for the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Children's Television Animation in 2009.[1] At the 2009 Elan Awards, which honours achievements in video games, animation and visual effects, Zeke's Pad took home Best Animation TV Production and Best Art Direction awards.[2]

Zeke's Pad -  Episode 1 - You Art What You Eat (kHoAbJwN2UA).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 10 - Drawing Conclusions (vzKZw4Cr5Pw).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 11 - Family Portrait (_QKxOJ3O1Dk).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 12 - King of the Pad (Ss4HDflFPH4).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 13 - Sketch Comedy (US30VIZXwUg).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 14 - Gender Render (cKVeAzZQEvo).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 15 - Brush With Love (etpMGLUJxrQ).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 16 - Gifted Artist (ODrqa6w6jrM).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 17 - Unstill Life (7pC3flnM7N4).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 18 - Wherefore Art Thou (P4dAYIfeV0c).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 19 - Artful Dodger (HQIRzEqsErs).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 2 - The Big Picture (c99vVFurVdg).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 20 - Drawn Out Holiday (C7FAX1b0_-s).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 21 - Art is Bigger Than Life (FsWDqoux_AY).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 22 - Picture Of Paradise (SDrbWOFi7J4).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 23 - Model Family (t0nUuSWzlYY).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 24 - Luck Of The Draw (VAPy2DIbQWE).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 25 - Board Strokes (hQvEqPvHW7o).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 26 - Zeke’s Pad (bHWl5NqSOyc).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 3 - Fast Draw (NloF0M92TDA).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 4 - The Art of Cool (giKs4YO18v0).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 5 - Drawn Together (Zn0xtk6cfR8).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 6 - Fetch A Sketch (Qk0ZtCZRxaE).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 7 - Clean Slate (PJMTZtDRuTs).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 8 - A Little Sketchy (t0BgLq6fYKQ).mp4
Zeke's Pad -  Episode 9 - Portrait of a young artist (klYsqZKjxRQ).mp4


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